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Words from the Rector
Universidad de Chile is Chile´s first higher education
institution. The quality of this university is backed up by
international indicators. It ranks first in the country and
tenth among Latin American universities in the
SCImago 2013 system, which evaluates research
productivity and the number of citations of their
publications. It is also a leader in regards to the national
system for competitive funding, where its doctorate
programs stand out and the number of applications
from foreign students has had a significant increase. For
many years, Universidad de Chile has been first in the
country in obtaining grants from the National
Commission for Scientific and Technological Research
(Conicyt, by its Spanish initials), such as grants
awarded as basal funding for high-level research
centers, Fondef, Fondecyt, infrastructure, among
others. These awards reflect the quality of the projects
presented by our academics and the confidence that
this institution generates.
The mission of Universidad de Chile is linked to public
affairs and enfolds our society’s cultural, social,
economic, technological and scientific challenges,
striving towards the common good, social justice, and
equality, with the goal of contributing to individual and
collective achievement.
The particular geographic and cultural diversity of Chile
throughout its entire continental and insular territory
gives us comparative advantages for the development
of a wide variety of research projects. The academic
community has created research and community
involvement projects in all the country’s regions, which
have been possible due to the academic excellence of
our researchers, among whom we can find outstanding
individuals who have won the National Prize, the highest
honor given by the Chilean Government for
contributions to science and humanity.
We also work on projects across sectors, such as the
proposal to create a Faculty of Education within the
body of the University which will serve as a model for
the education of teachers, advanced research projects
in pedagogy, and collaboration with primary and
secondary schools around the country. In parallel, we
have implemented the Education Equity Priority Access
System, which assigns a special quota for at-risk
students with good academic performance. The
principles behind these projects are social equity and
guaranteeing professional development in diverse
We invite you to get acquainted with the historic and
contemporary heritage of Universidad de Chile.
Víctor Pérez Vera
Rector of Universidad de Chile 2006 - 2014
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